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30/9/07 | New FCF AUDIO SC-82 Analog Summing Amp
We`ve been able to test the SC-82 during the fast Mixing phase of the "The Lorean" Cd. What to say.....we immediately got in touch with its maker, Francesco Ferraro, in order to congratulate him on the performance of this machine and to thank him for his helpfulness and niceness! The sound of this machine, clean and precise,has revealed a remarkable transparency, leaving untouched the original musical instruments timbers. A peculiarity that allowed to address this machine to Classical Music applications. We asked Francesco to build for us a custom version of the SC-82, without d-sub connectors and taking care to the internal electronic components(Low Noise Certified) and wiring. This has led to a further better machine with higher standards! Thanks Francesco! You can find the Francesco Site here: