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7/9/07 | International Piano Recital
All the Piano performances of the semi-finalists of the 23 Valsesia Musica International Competition were recorded and mixed ready for mastering. At the end of the contest, the panel composed by Leonel Morales (President) and by Vincenzo Balzani, Fulvio Bottega, Vsevolod Dvorkin (instead of the indisposed Siavush Gadjiev), Midori Kasahara, Ippazio Ponzetta and Georgi Trendafiloff, proclaimed the following verdict: 1 Award to the russian twenty-six years old Alexander YAKOVLEV 2 Award to the russian thirty years old Ilona TIMCHENKO 3 Award ex-aequo to the spanish thirty-six years old Juan Francisco LAGO CUELLAR and to the japanese twenty-two years old Akihito OKUDA