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P.a. system
24.000 Watt “Hard” + outboard - Service Completo
  6.000 Watt “Lem Pegasus” - active system   
  3.500 Watt “Lem Pegasus” - active system
  2.800 Watt H K Actor System – Service Completo
  2.100 Watt “Mackie” Sat + 2 Sub 
  2.000 Watt “Yamaha Ms400” - active system   
     800 Watt “Yamaha Ms400” - active system
     800 Watt Fbt Maxx4A
Stage Monitors
Proel active monitors 250 W
Fbt Maxx2A 200W
Mackie Srm 350 Watt
Lem active monitors 300 W
Outboard Comp / Fx / Eq
Alesis Microverb                            
T.c. electronics reverb
Digitech Reverb
Dbx equalizer stereo
Behringer comp
Line 6 Echo pro
Roland Dep-5
Midas 40ch.
Behringer 32ch.
Proel 28ch.
Soundcraft M12 16ch.
Mackie 1206 – 12 ch.
Yamaha MG12-4CX – 12ch. With Fx
Peavey 6ch.

Proel 24/6  n°2  30mt
Proel 16/4  n°2  25mt

Drum Set Deep custom -  5 pz.
Deep custom -  5 pz. n° 3 drumset  
Premier -  5 pz. drumset   
BIONIC – NATURAL SERIES -  Ufip cymbals set 
W – Iron Cobra – Yamaha -  Drum’s Pedal 
Combo hardcore LANEY - bass amp

SWR 220 head - bass amp  
2*10 Hd-210 Musicman - bass amp 
1*15 cabinet EV - bass amp
Combo Laney TF500M - guit. amp.
Engl Thunder 50W
Fender De-Luxe - guit. amp
Combo Peavey - guit. amp.
Behringer V200 head - guit. amp. 
4*10 cabinet CelestionCustom  - guit. amp.  

Akg D112  
Akg C1000  
Audio technica Atm25  
Shure Sm57   
Shure Sm58  
Shure Beta58   
Shure Bg5.1  
Audix D6  
Audix I5 
Sennheiser MD421 II
Akg radio mic UHF  
Sennheiser radio mic freq.
Sennheiser radio mic arc.
Shure radio mic. Multifreq. 
Akg radio mic arc. 
Proel Radio mic.  
Db Radio mic.

Proel Mic Stands

Teste Mobili Coemar 1000W
Martin 500
Scanner 50
Martin 250 70
Cambiacolori 50
T.Rex 50
Ring Americane (fino a 15*12)
Macchina fumo programmabile
Par 1000
Par 500
Outboard di controllo

Dispobili solo con Service completo