From Valsesia Piano Contest 2007:
Yakovlev Alexander   [play]

From the Ludwig Van Beethoven Orchestra Concert (S.Sebastiano Basilica in Milan):
Pachelbel Canon   [play]

Voice and Guitar, Iliana from Argentina:
Besame mucho   [play] - Samba seta   [play]

Excerpt from the "Morning Freedom" The Lorean Cd:
Myself (M.Forleo- C.C.Gattuso- E.Meloni)   [play]

From the vast Chill Soundtrack Electronica Production:
Small Trip (Composed by 2 main themes: "Le petit village sur la mere" (C.C.Gattuso) & "MilesBound" (C.C.Gattuso-S.Cifelli) All Rights Reserved)   [play]

From the Jonathan Calderon Single:
"Hola Y Chao"  (J.Calderon-C.C.Gattuso)   [play]

Four excerpts from the "Irony"  new Album  "Warmer Colors, Warmer Sky", Full Stroke label.
Elastiksound, to be more precise Claudio Gattuso looked after the Mix and the Mastering of the Album!
Whats Wrong [play]
Believe [play]
Scent [play]