From the idea to the composition, from the arrangement to the Artistic Pre-Production,
from the full Production to the final Audio Post-Production.
ElastikSound is able to take care of the whole Production Process, or otherwise, if requested,
we can also deal with more circumscribed and specific phases of entire and more hinged
Artistic-Audio Projects.

Jobs we can cover in the Studio:

- Musical Arrangements (from rough-sketch Idea to the on the beam and desired Arrangement)
- Pre Productions (Demo Productions for Artistic Presentations and Promotions)
- Tracking of: Drums, Voice, Chorus and any other acoustic and electric musical instrument where the Professional outcome is the goal
- Analog and Digital Editing
- Analog Mix (using both Analog and Digital Technologies)
- Post-Production and Mastering

...and away from the Studio:

- Live Recordings
- Unusual and fancy, outside the Live Room, Recordings...

...and Dulcis in Fundo:

- Jingles Productions
- SoundTrack Productions
- Web Sound Design
- Vynil Digital Conversion and Restoration